A guaranteed first prize paid out every week, unlike other lotteries.

Joining the Super Draw Lotto

By participating in the Super Draw Lotto you will not only be helping to raise vital additional income, but you will also be giving yourself an opportunity of winning some of the fantastic cash prizes on offer.

This is your opportunity for just £1 per week, or £2 if you wish to double your chances, to win a share of £200,000.

The weekly Super Draw Lotto Prize Fund:
Drawn weekly, usually on a Saturday

  • 1 x £2,000
  • 2 x £250
  • 3 x £100
  • 80 x £10

The Super Draw Lotto Mega Draw Prize Fund:
Drawn four times per annum

  • 1 x £5,000
  • 2 x £250
  • 3 x £100
  • 80 x £10

Any prize notifications are posted automatically to the winners home address, so there is no need to worry if you forget to check the winning numbers.

The winning results are updated weekly and published to this site, just click 'Latest Results' on the left hand side.

Join Securely Online

I wish to apply for a Double membership of the Super Draw.

I wish to apply for a Single membership of the Super Draw.

I confirm that I am 16 years of age or over.

Summary of Rules

Your reference number and your six exclusive numbers enter you in the Super Draw Lotto.

To enter any Super Draw Lotto the participant must have paid the appropriate entry fee direct to the Society or an accredited Agent of the Super Draw Lotto.

A results sheet is provided which contains information about the result of a Super Draw Lotto draw, or previous draws, giving details of the winning numbers and prize winners names and addresses where practicable.